Road Race Hill Climb Criterium


Bici Bucerias Hill Climb

Sun, August 6th  |  TBD (Calgary)


The Bici Bucerias Hill Climb is an exciting dash to the top of XXX Calgary. This grueling climb takes brute power and strength to successfully conquer the 1.25 kilometer long steep 120- metre ascent. Lined with cheering spectators and a gorgeous view of Calgary in the background.

You will have more reasons than ever to be the fastest up the hill this year. The Bici Bucerias KOM/QOM will receive Bici Bucerias KOM jersey and shorts as well as a one week stay at maraVilla in Bucerais, Mexico (valid until June 1, 2017). one week bike rental with Bici Bucerias. This is a $1300 USD value!

Bici Bucerias is all about the ride. Our Mexican Bike Tours include lots of relaxation and exploration time – you can even call them vacations – but make no mistake, we’re here to ensure you  enjoy your time in the saddle. Rides range between 50 – 100 kilometres, depending on the group. We provide opportunities to cycle on some of the best, safest and most scenic roads on Mexico’s west coast.

Technical Guide

Course Description


  • The COP Hill Climb course starts with a consistent slope that gradually steepens past turn 6 and 7 to finish 1.25km from the start line.
  • Total Distance = 1.25km
  • Total Elevation = 400ft




  • All Race participants are required to attend license check in the Bobsleigh Finish house at COP at least 15 minutes prior to your start time. Racers must present their ABA/UCI license to the Technical Delegate to receive numbers. Racers who fail to do so may be fined. License check opens at 3:30pm.
  • You will receive your race numbers at your first event.
  • Bike Check: Riders are reminded UCI rules regarding minimum bike weights will apply – “the minimum weight of the bike, without accessories that can be removed during the event shall be 6.8 kg / 14.96 lbs)” – and bikes will be weighed prior to competing. The official scale will be accessible to riders from 3:30 – 5:30 so adjustments can be made accordingly. If your bike leaves the area between your bike check and start time, your bike will be re-weighed and you may be late for your start. Bike check will be directly behind the start tent. For information about technical regulations regarding bikes, see the UCI & ABA regulations.
  • Riders will compete “Three-Up” with other riders in their category, in 2 minute intervals.
  • NOTE: All riders MUST descend down the bobsled bike path during warm up and during the race. Riders must stay in the right hand lane on the way up. East lane will see traffic in both directions.
  • Results and awards to follow as soon as possible after the event.
  • Results will be posted about 15 minutes after the finish of each category.
  • Winsport is offering up $5.00 off of jugs and $0.35 wings at the Molson Canadian Hockey House from 6pm to 9pm.




  • Canada Olympic Park is located at 88 Canada Olympic Rd. NW. This is located on the Trans Canada Highway (16th Avenue) at Bowfort Road NW.
  • Park in the Sports Center/ Warehouse parking lot located at the west side of Canada Olympic Park.




  • This event will be run according to UCI, CCC & ABA rules & regulations. Riders are responsible to read & understand the regulations. They can be found online.
  • Washrooms are available near the Bobsleigh Finish house.
  • Unsportsmanlike conduct will not be tolerated, including, but not limited to, public urination, littering, and profane language. Officials have the right to assess penalties and disqualify riders from the race if deemed necessary. We are on public roads and we want to remain welcome. Please do your part to ensure this is possible.
  • Where it is deemed that the image or reputation of the Tour de Bowness may be blemished, organizers reserve the right at any time to exclude riders.


Event Schedule


4:00pm Registration open for Hill Climb
5:00pm Warm Up
5:45pm Hill Climb Clear
6:00pm Category 5
6:20pm Category 4
6:40pm Category 3
7:00pm WomenCategory 1/2/3/4/5
7:20pm Category 1/2


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